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Illustration is a way of seeing and understanding the world. It connects and communicates to a wide variety of audiences using a broad range of platforms. On this course you’ll discover the potential for illustration to be a ‘wild frontier’. You’ll explore the exciting synergy created by the blurring of boundaries between contemporary disciplines. You’ll challenge and interrogate preconceptions.

You’ll find yourself in an active creative environment where you can experiment, test and develop your work. You can explore drawing, painting and printmaking, as well as photographic, digital, interactive and time-based media. You can be involved in a range of work experience opportunities including responding to ‘live’ project briefs, entering competitions as part of your course work and even forming illustration collectives. You will develop into a confident individual with the skills and innovative ideas needed to make a success of your career within the creative industries.

· The course team has an extensive range of experience and expertise in illustration, with a breadth of interest in all aspects of Art and Design.

· Guest lecturers and visiting tutors from industry are also invited on a regular basis to bring additional experience and practical knowledge of specific areas of illustration.

· All three years work together in two well-equipped and spacious studios with two computer suites and separate tutorial spaces for individual and group work.

· You’ll also have access to other facilities including the print room and workshops

Year 1 is all about experimentation as you are introduced to the notion of Illustration and all its diversity.

· You’ll learn the technical skills used by illustrators and gain an understanding of the breadth of the subject.

· You’ll look at the ways in which illustrators have worked in the past and how they work now.

· You’ll explore many aspects of ideas generation, problem solving for clients, 2D digital imaging, visualizing ideas, manipulation of text and various approaches to drawing.

In Year 2 the emphasis is on exploration of illustration concepts, contexts and audiences.

· You’ll develop your practice by interpreting texts, investigating the notion of the narrative and working with screen-based outcomes to a broad range of audiences.

· Your practice will become increasingly self-initiated in terms of subject and choice of approach i.e. the handmade, print or screen based.

· You’ll be encouraged to push the boundaries of your practice and will have opportunity to engage in both cross-course collaboration and external opportunities, thereby preparing you for Level 6 study.

Year 3 is about innovation, application and experience in the real world.

· You’ll be encouraged to manage your own learning and work independently.

· Your final major projects will focus on your own particular concerns and passions as an illustrator and may be linked to an outside client.

· You will have the opportunity to show your work to our well-established industry links thereby getting essential feedback prior to graduating.

· We will support you in developing a sound understanding of illustration as it is practiced in the creative industries across a range of media platforms.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable
this course is now closed for UK & EU applications to start in 2019.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable
this course is now closed for UK & EU applications to start in 2019.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States