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Ba (Hons)Architecture (Part 1 ARB/RIBA)

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United Kingdom, Wallisdown, Dorset county
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Architecture shapes the world we live in. This course gives you the skills to create challenging and innovative places. Through a process of ‘making and thinking’ you’ll come to understand works of architecture as places that house our lives and challenge our expectations.

As well as architectural design, you’ll experiment with drawing, photography, printmaking, model- making, video and electronic media. You’ll learn the importance of collaboration with other disciplines by working with students from art, design, media and performance.

You’ll travel too. To bring theory alive, you’ll travel to see examples of excellence in architectural design in Britain and beyond. And you’ll be given insights to innovative professional practice through lectures, visits and studio projects led by practicing architects, engineers, and designers.

· You’ll work in our own studios, sharing your experiences with others in a supportive environment.

· You’ll have access to 3D workshops with manual and digital manufacturing equipment.

· Wireless computer access encourages students to integrate digital understanding and outcomes into the way they work.

· A specialised library provides a range of relevant material in architecture and the arts.

Year 1 introduces key concepts and methods.

· You’ll make physical models and explore forms of representation and manipulation of architectural form by graphic, photographic and digital methods.

· Small scale individual and group studio projects will allow you to explore methods of realization.

· You’ll learn the conventions of architectural drawing as a means of communication, and methods of construction.

· You’ll broaden your understanding of historical and contemporary precedents in architectural design.

In Year 2 you’ll explore the issues of building in the local urban context through architectural intervention projects.

· You’ll research, measure, analyse, and create a representation of a local site.

· You’ll propose innovative and thoughtful interventions to house public, convivial activities associated with the economic and physical opportunities of the area.

· Theory and history will inform the understanding of the unique cultural context of the region. The special technical issues of building with existing buildings and their role in a sustainable city will be considered.

The year begins with experimentation and speculation about architectural ideas. Then you will explore the role of the architect through a single architectural challenge.

· You’ll focus on contemporary issues of architecture, responding to the social context of architectural practice.

· You’ll explore architectural design as one of the ways in which our built environment is conceived and perceived.

· You’ll look at the role of the architect alongside the motivations of clients, development, construction, planning, legal regulation and wider social, economic and cultural values.

· You’ll demonstrate skills in both drawings and digital media (including CAD).

· You’ll produce a portfolio of work to prepare you for employment or post-graduate study (including ARB part 2).

The University College also plans to offer MArch study from 2012 (subject to validation).

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States